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- Absolutely no pushing, pulling or head-first entry off of the inflatables
- Jumping or diving off the inflatables is prohibited
-You must slide off the inflatable's feet first
-No Swimming under the inflatables
-To avoid the possibility of collision, ensure the area around the inflatable is clear of obstructions and other swimmers before use
- No more than 5 people are permitted on an inflatable at one time
- The inflatables in the shallow water are for children
- For your safety, life vests are required on the climbing walls and Blob
- U.S. Coast Guard Type III personal flotation devices are the approved devices to wear on the inflatables
- Listen to Lifeguard
- No pets allowed
- If you can't swim 50 meters in a strong fashion, wear a lifejacket!
- Coolers are permitted but no glass or alcohol

- Refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injury to yourself or other individuals
- Traditional swimwear is required. No clothing with rivets, buckles, belts, metal ornaments.
- Remove watches, jewelry, earrings or similar items.
- Minors must have a liability waiver form signed by parent or guardian before admission. Find that here.


$5.00 for 1 hour for Blobbers (person getting launched)
Jumpers are free. You must weight at least 95 pounds
The Blob is inherently dangerous. Winona Lake is not liable for any injury that may arise from the use of the Blob.
- No more than 5 people on the top platform
- You must be at least 50 inches tall & at least 10 years old.


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